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How To Figure Out What You Are Searching For On Tinder in 2023

Preciselywhat are you selecting on Tinder? Carry out dudes whom say they want a relationship increase suits? Or will women be much more prone to swipe right on you if you are sincere regarding your seek out hookups? It really is a bit of a difficult situation, specifically for guys who happen to be new to the application.

As the utmost well-known matchmaking application available to you, comprehending precisely why men and women utilize the system is very important for matchmaking achievements. Thankfully, this short article shine some light regarding the multiple reasons that people utilize the software, including what you can say to a female when she requires, “what exactly are you wanting on Tinder?” for what you need. Let us start.

Just what are People Trying To Find on Tinder?

There are certain things people search for while

utilizing Tinder

. Let us break it down which includes stats that highlight the reason why males and females swipe on this subject app:

  • Tinder provides 75 million month-to-month energetic consumers

    , 7.8 million that are from the United States.

  • 76.9% of Tinder consumers are male, leaving about 23.1% of feminine customers.

  • Relating to a

    review conducted by LendEDU

    , 9,700 participants mentioned this amazing about the reason why they normally use Tinder:

    • 44percent put it to use for “confidence-boosting procrastination”

    • 22per cent percent replied they are “looking for a hookup”

    • 4% mentioned these are generally “looking for a relationship”

    • 29per cent per cent responded which they utilize Tinder for “other reasons”

Having these final statistics planned, let us explore what folks need on Tinder predicated on their unique targets.

Confidence-boosting procrastination

Previously match with some ladies on Tinder, only to have a conversation that goes nowhere? Like many apps, procrastination off their life activities is what most women and men use Tinder for. Being desired by men is actually a confidence boost for ladies, and people who need a pick-me-up through the day frequently turn to Tinder to get their fix (even though many do not even bother fulfilling upwards face-to-face).

For those forms of encounters, recognize that weeding through time wasters and ghosters who are selecting pride boost are among the unavoidable experiences that come with the reasonably new paradigm of online dating apps.


Tinder’s major appeal is as a hookup system, where ladies are looking sexual partners

Often, hookups through Tinder stick to a pattern:

  • Talk over Tinder

  • Exchange details to fulfilling upwards in a public location, eg a bar or a restaurant

  • Having a brief in-person discussion or going on a brief day so she will be able to screen the actual weirdos and creeps

  • Returning to her spot

    or yours

Whether these are a one-night stand or act as the basis for a friends-with-benefits relationship is determined by the method that you perform, exactly what the woman requirements are, also factors inside her life.


Hookup society
is not going anywhere soon inside our modern-day matchmaking globe many thanks in big component to Tinder, but it’s not unusual for those to pursue connections.

Tinder acts as a buffer to make sure an effective match through the get-go, so it is around both individuals to meet up to discover if there is any chemistry for a short term or long-lasting union.

With online dating software controling how many individuals fulfill for the first time, the type of Tinder connections tends to be temporary; all things considered, if you don’t fulfill the woman criteria, absolutely a huge quantity of men (and females) at her disposal. However, long-lasting connections that form from conference on Tinder are usual.

While meeting through a hookup software may possibly not have equivalent “how we found” passionate first-encounter that meeting directly could have, Tinder is still a feasible solution to satisfy when you need to throw the widest internet for suitable lovers locally.


Contrary to popular belief, but some ladies utilize online dating apps to acquire friends. It’s usually an option for females who are more conservative and do not wish to destroy their particular reputation.

While Tinder has actually a notoriety if you are a hookup application, there nonetheless are many women who use it in order to expand their own pal class beyond their recent social groups. Some ladies use this relationship as a screening duration, where males can attempt to gain her confidence and parlay this friendship into getting more close. Or, men may simply get ”



On a side note, look closely at a lady’s profile, especially if she is looking for friends as a “plug”, which means drug supplier. Looking at how many phony pages you can find, you may find your self in a sticky scenario with law enforcement officials and other dangerous circumstances.

A third

Some women are combined, but seeking spice up their particular relationship with a threesome. Often called “a third”, partners utilize Tinder discover a sexual companion or go after a polygamous way of life.

Getting a third include just getting a hookup partner for a partnered lady together with her partner’s information, doing a sexual threesome, or seeking a critical union with two people (as an example, a bisexual female few).


Here is a professional tip: one of several little-discussed reasons to use Tinder isn’t really to utilize the software for the desired usage. Instead, you are able to Tinder to achieve some information to meet ladies in real-life (or at least evaluate who’s found in your neighborhood).

Women have a tendency to feature personal information within their Tinder users, such as where they work, which college they attend, where they volunteer, Instagram profiles, in which they hang out, and so on. If you’re searching her profile and learn that she works marathons, chances are that she actually is associated with local working groups or maybe even a future 5k.

It really is up to you to determine whether you ought to swipe close to the woman profile to provide you with a try on line. If she states yes, then you can proceed from that point. Or, if you would like

stay incognito on Tinder

, swipe kept and make an effort to meet the woman in real-life activities.

Bear in mind that this strategy is somewhat scary (especially any time you tell this lady the method that you found the girl), nevertheless can certainly beat your own chances whenever most women are inundated with Tinder messages from men.

What Are You Searching For on Tinder?

Now that you’ve got a knowledge associated with numerous reasons that people use Tinder to get a brief or long-lasting spouse, it isn’t really unheard of for a woman to inquire about “Just What Are you wanting on Tinder?”.

Practical question is usually made available to gauge the interest amount and display screen out those that don’t suit exactly what she’s looking. Here are a few replies you’ll be able to provide when you’re faced with this concern:

“I’m shopping for enjoyable.”

Who doesn’t like fun? This response is actually ambiguous adequate to ignite her attraction without giving your motives. In the end, ladies are usually timid about disclosing their own sexuality to strangers, so offering a tantalizing reaction creates a touch of secret in her own mind.

Keep in mind, although she wishes an intimate encounter, it is rare that she will send a complete stranger a direct response. And you can frighten her off when you are too upfront. As an alternative, “fun” selections from vibrant dialogue, going for a hike, or having

discreet sex

five minutes after fulfilling up.

“i am wanting trouble.”

Got a little bit of a

bad son

streak? Utilizing this feedback appeals to women that enjoy some pleasure in their everyday lives.

Just as the last exemplory instance of “fun” is actually uncertain, “trouble” features a polarizing result but will entice ladies seeking to explore their particular darker side. Recall, the majority of the entire world is a place of protection and monotony for a lot of females. In order to set yourself apart by playing into a “bad man” archetype to offer upwards one thing to shake-up her globe some.

“I’m in search of chemistry”

Chatting online is a very important factor, but satisfying upwards is when you will see if you have some biochemistry. Absolutely only 1 strategy to find this aside –

satisfying upwards for a night out together

– but this feedback in addition demonstrates that you have some experience with females (in other words. do you know what too little chemistry is much like) and wish to pursue a relationship.


Need some for you personally to think about your motives? This feedback can find you time and offer the lady a bit of excitement. By waiting a matter of seconds with your “real” reaction, you can easily display the intentions in a fashion that reveals a bit of susceptability and lays your purposes.

Humorous reactions: nonsense & non-sequiturs

Humor goes quite a distance on matchmaking apps. Choose to respond in a fashion that flaunts your amusing banter and creativity. Below are a few examples:

  • “I’m peanut butter looking for my personal jelly.”

  • “Ma’am, this will be a Wendy’s.”

  • “i am shopping for the Holy Grail”

  • “only your own license and subscription, ma’am.”

Reactions of the nonsensical types in addition serve the big event of maintaining circumstances ambiguous. After all, you may not should expose your own purposes until satisfying up-and observing your partner.

“i am interested in a hookup.”

So you’ve talked upwards a little, perhaps alluded for some sensuous fun, and she pops you with the “Just What Are you selecting on Tinder?” question.

Time for you to state your own intentions


This drive technique works should you decide believe that she actually is shopping for a no-strings-attached experience.

If she states “me too” subsequently begin asking for strategies to meet up and allow the video games begin.

It must be noted that this response is dangerous, as some women are switched off by discussing sex with strangers (though obtained every intention of having sexual intercourse instantly). Then again, some females appreciate whenever you cut to the chase. It is for you to decide to decide when is acceptable.

“There isn’t any expectations. I just always fulfill cool individuals to discover in which it goes…”

This might feel like a non-committal response, but she could be asking you practical question to suss completely any guys which can be also clingy or those who attempt to shoehorn an union in before you decide to’ve actually satisfied.

This response additionally requires the stress off any preconceived objectives and implies that you’ve got options.

“some body as you.”

If you are having a great conversation and she desires know very well what you are interested in on Tinder, end up being bold. Inform their “some body as you”. It really is a very flattering response and plays to her pride – both of which increase the odds of satisfying up personally.

Be aware that some women may misinterpret this as a weird opinion for those who haven’t invested sufficient time talking or she hasn’t shared adequate about herself to help you cast this type of wisdom about their.