Elvis Begged Girlfriend Anita To Not Expose Affair With 14-year-old Priscilla: ‘i Would Get In A Lot Hassle’

“He wasn’t trustworthy, not that he had somebody particular, but when you’re in the entertainment enterprise there is all the time that and I tried to show my back to that, however I just didn’t wish to share him. Simple as that,” she mentioned. “As a lot as he wanted to be married and have a household, I do not know if he was ever reduce to be married as a end result of I don’t assume he may ever be devoted to 1 woman.” “I discovered myself deeply concerned with Elvis,” she wrote in her essay for People. Speaking to Larry King in 1999, Priscilla contextualized the time in Elvis’ life after they met.

Elvis: priscilla presley discusses ‘appearing out his fantasies’

Elvis was a doting, loving father, Priscilla informed Closer, but he didn’t change diapers—”That wasn’t a man’s job”—and datingchief.net had a hard time watching the baby eat, due to the inevitable drool. He did, nonetheless, purchase Lisa Marie a fur coat when she was 3 and hand out $5 for lost child teeth. When he purchased his personal jet in 1975, he christened it the “Lisa Marie.” “People have mentioned, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t consider your mother and father let you go along with this stranger,'” Priscilla stated on Good Morning America in 2017. “But it was a really harmless time. I appreciated him very a lot. I definitely felt secure…We cannot compare it to today. We nonetheless had morals, excessive normal. There was lots of care.” Priscilla spent Christmas of 1962 at Graceland, and when she went again to Germany, she informed her mom that Elvis wanted her to move to Memphis to complete highschool.

This story is over 5 years outdated.

“And I do not neglect that I began crying, it was a very tough choice to make. I should say that was in all probability the most tough decision that I’ve ever made in my life. Wood had quickly turned conscious of the rumours surrounding Elvis’ secret relationship. Press and fan teams had already began to check with Priscilla as The King’s ‘sweetheart’.

Priscilla spent Christmas of 1962 at Graceland, and when she went back to Germany, she advised her mother that Elvis wished her to move to Memphis to finish highschool. On that third night time, he invited her upstairs to be alone, she recalled to People, assuring her, “I swear I’ll by no means do something to harm you. I’ll deal with you similar to a sister.” “I seen that the less response I showed, the extra he began singing just for me. I could not consider that Elvis Presley was trying to impress me.” He had an inclination toward excess as his lavish residence decor and bespoke wardrobe would later attest, but he was also a mama’s boy with an old style streak—especially when it came to women performing like girls (even whereas boys can be boys). The demise of his mom, Gladys Presley, on Aug. 14, 1958, was an enormous blow that many close to him mentioned he by no means received over.

Elvis was the king of treating women like shit and luring 14-year-olds into bed

In a 2021 interview with People, she divulged that Elvis’ magnetism and appeal to other girls left her feeling incredibly insecure thereafter. “Women gravitated to him, so I could be nervous when he needed to go places alone. … I at all times had an eye on him as a result of everybody on the earth was after him,” she defined. Although Dixie Locke was Elvis Presley’s first girlfriend, his first real love is believed to be June Juanico. In 1955, a yr after the singer’s on-and-off relationship with Locke started petering out, he ended up meeting another charming younger woman. Per Elvis Australia, Juanico first met Presley when he carried out a show in Mississippi.